August 5, 2014

Cadbury Sweet Endings

Last night was a real blast! :) I was able to enjoy a great movie with my great barkada/family while enjoying ourselves with a great chocolate that's to die for! 

I was so happy since I get to celebrate July's sweet ending with Guardians of the Galaxy, Nuffnang Family and Cadbury Dairy Milk! Thank you, guys. :)

Aside from a very good treat from them, we've also been shed some information on how to really enjoy this mouth watering chocolate. Isn't it great? :) Here's how:

How to Enjoy Sweet Endings with Cadbury Dairy Milk
Eat Chocolate the Right Way

Have you been eating chocolate the wrong way your whole life?

If you’re a) Not Sure or b) Think You Have Been Doing it Wrong - then it’s time to change all that. Cadbury Dairy Milk, the smooth and creamy chocolate that gives you sweet endings helps you eat chocolate the right way. Sweet endings for Cadbury Dairy Milk mean savoring the good things in life, including a bar of this smooth and creamy chocolate – in the right way!
There are many things in life which give us sweet endings. It could be taking a moment from a busy day during lunch. Or kicking back at home on a Friday night after a grueling workweek. It could also be hanging out and laughing with your friends while on a night out – just to catch up and enjoy being in each other’s company.

Everything else in life is rushed: Deadlines, meetings, schedules. Sweet endings are your breaks from all of these. A time for you to enjoy and savor.

Cadbury Dairy Milk knows all about sweet endings. As a smooth and creamy chocolate bar, its taste alone is a sweet ending – something you savor and enjoy every moment of. The smooth and creamy taste is a perfect sweet ending for any meal, nightcap or gimik"" with friends. Enjoying a bar of a smoothly satisfying 15g pack is akin to living in the moment – taking the time to savor every bite.

In fact, enjoying a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar is not something you rush into. You take your time for it. There’s a ritual that makes the experience much more enjoyable.

1.    RIP the exquisite royal purple and gold packaging. See the perfectly shaped mounds of chocolate with a smooth satin shine. The look of delicious chocolate. Smell the aroma. Imagine what it would taste like –and you know it will be good too.

2.    Then you BITE into it. Listen for that satisfying snap.

3.    Here comes the most awaited part: You savor it and let it MMM-Melt. Don’t ruin the experience by chewing and swallowing immediately. Let it roll over your tongue. Delight as the creamy taste washes over your mouth.

4.    Then you ENJOY by repeating the ritual: Bite and MMM-Melt, Bite and MMM-Melt. Until the world MMM-Melts around you and you remember that all good things in life must really be savored.

When you do this, the chocolate moment becomes yours and yours alone – it’s your sweet ending.

As if a delicious bar of chocolate isn't enough for a sweet ending, Cadbury Dairy Milk also gives you and your friends a chance to enjoy many more sweet endings. The brand has exciting tie-ups with McDonald’s, Bon Chon Chicken and KFC so that you not only get to enjoy a delicious meal. It’s also capped off with smooth and creamy Cadbury Dairy Milk. Perhaps a Dairy Queen Blizzard with Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut will also strike your fancy?

You can also join the #CadburySweetEndings Promo. This is open to followers of Cadbury Dairy Milk Philippines on Facebook and Instagram and runs from July 28, 2014 to September 21, 2014. Just upload a photo of yourself and your barkada inspired by the bi-weekly themes provided on the brand Facebook page.  

Upload it either on Facebook, and/or Instagram with the hashtag #CadburySweetEndings.  If your photo is uploaded, call on your friends to like and share it. Winning photos will be chosen based on creativity, originality and likes. By joining, you get a chance to win movie passes for you and your friend, Cadbury Dairy Milk gift packs for sharing, and an iPad mini for each bi-weekly winner.

For details on this and other offerings, visit the Cadbury Dairy Milk Philippines Facebook Page (CadburyPh) and Instagram (@cadburyPHL).  Enjoy eating smooth and creamy chocolate and sweet endings with Cadbury Dairy Milk!  
July 27, 2014

Sweet Endings with My #Cadbury Barkada

Talk about sweetness, who wouldn't know Cadbury? Our all time favorite milk chocolate. :)

And here's what I've been looking forward to -- enjoying my rest day while eating Cadbury! As a call center agent, one way of protecting my voice is by disciplining myself. Everybody knows how I love chocolates! But as I enter this kind of industry, eating chocolate is one of the DON'Ts. But I just can't resist Cadbury - truly mouthwatering! :) 

That's why I really enjoy this Sunday night with my Barkada slash family while watching The Avengers for the nth time and delighting ourselves with #CadburySweetEndings :)

Looking forward to next RD and share another bite of sweetness and just enjoy every minute with my barkada and loved ones. :)
June 1, 2014

Voice: The Most Important Tool On My Current Job

I've been in the call center industry for not more than a year. But guess what, I have already experienced voice irritation for several times. I was even sent to the Emergency Room to get a proper treatment. Of course, I was alarmed by this. Thank God I was able to recover my voice after a week.

I am pretty aware that my voice, for me, is the most important tool on my current job. Five out of seven days a week, I need to take calls and assist customers with their hotel reservation. I need to speak for straight 8 hours on this job. Meaning, my voice will, most of the time, be abused. The very reason why I've been experiencing acute irritation of voice.

That's why I've decided to write this post to give you, my very readers, some tips on how to take care of your speaking voice.

First, BREATHE (deeply): 

Remember, you can only speak as long as you breathe. After all, our voice is a wind instrument. Supply with the right amount of air in order to power your talk.

Few years ago, I was chosen to luckily join a voice lesson for free. Our voice mentor taught us a quick exercise before getting up to speak or even before singing. One should find a place to pause for a while and do a few breathing exercises. She mentioned that beginning speakers often hurt their voices because they aren't breathing deeply enough.

Second, RELAX: 

One of the reasons for voice hoarseness is the tension in our upper body which diminishes the power of our voice. Over time, it can adversely affect our throat and can even lead to vocal chord damage. Sometimes, it is serious enough to even require a surgical repair. Isn't it alarming?

Learn to relax. Anyway, it not only helpful for our voice but to our overall health as well. Remember that emotional and physical stress both contribute significantly to vocal distress. Relax your body and let whatever tautness is there flow out each time you exhale.


Condition your voice. A simple tender loving care on your voice would mean a lot like gargling, avoiding smoking cigarettes, avoiding breathing smoggy or polluted air and massaging the neck. This will help you assure that your voice is in it's best possible condition.

Another thing, of course, eat a balanced diet. At times of extended vocal use, avoid large amount of salt and refined sugar, spicy foods, as well as excessive amounts of food and alcohol.


Water will be your best friend when you experience voice distress. Drinking plenty of water before and during your talk would really save your day. That is because, talking for long periods can dry out your vocal apparatus, making it more prone to damage and fatigue.

Maintain body hydration, 7 to 9 glasses of water a day, and avoid known dietary diuretics such as caffeine and alcohol. Take note that moisture is a necessary lubricant of the vocal folds.


Just for example, getting a good night's sleep. By doing this, you'll have more vocal energy. Thus, avoiding sounding tired and irritated.

I do hope that WE can apply these steps regularly to avoid any more complications. Have a safe day!
November 17, 2013

Book review: Just Like Jesus by Max Lucado

I must admit that I love reading books written by Max Lucado. I love how he use his typical writing style, humor, and extensive use of passages in the Bible and how he interacts it with the current life. This is maybe one of the reasons why I could say that he makes the reading of profound Christian truths easy to follow and even enjoyable. 

In his book "Just Like Jesus", Max takes us on a journey to restore our hearts. He welcomes us to a question that will really challenge us to think: "What if, for one day, Jesus were to become you?" How would you answer this?

For me, the most striking truth I've read from this book is this:

"God loves you just the way you are, but He refuses to leave you that way. He wants you to be JUST LIKE JESUS. God loves you just the way you are. If you think His love for you would be stronger if your faith were, you are WRONG. If you think His love would be deeper if your thoughts were, WRONG again. DON'T CONFUSE GOD'S LOVE WITH THE LOVE OF PEOPLE. The love of people often increases with performance and decreases with mistakes. Not so with God's love. HE LOVES YOU RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE." (emphasis mine)

Max's intentions are very clear. he want the reader to be able to grasp the idea that God loves us and that He wants us to be just like his Son" pure, blameless and obedient. Max also gives hope that we can do this by trusting our lives to HIM and just follow His Word, the Bible.

I would highly recommend this book to my family and friends. It's very easy to understand yet full of hopeful topics.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the®  book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255. 
November 11, 2013

Fibr: Home’s Most Powerful Broadband

Nowadays, internet connection is no longer a luxury, I should say. It came to my sense that it has become an indispensable necessity. With need comes innovation.

Fibr, Home’s most powerful broadband, allows you to seamlessly and simultaneously experience the browsing of multiple websites, streaming hundreds blockbuster movies on-demand from Clickplay, and watching Cignal Digital TV Channels. 

 If you were to create a character inspired by Fibr, what special skills would he/she have?

Smart, fearless and powerful. :)

Fibr is available now in over 800-fiber powered villages nationwide. Visit or call 101-FIBR (3427) for more details.
July 7, 2013

Banana Boat Great Outdoor Fun This Summer 2013

Banana Boat Philippines Brings GREAT OUTDOOR FUN This Summer of 2013 -- Are you ready to make the best of outdoor fun out of this year's summer? You better have March 17 (Sunday) marked in your calendar for the coming of Banana Boat Philippines to bring awesome outdoor fun for you and your family members! On the said date, Quezon City Memorial Circle will be morphed into a huge playground for the incoming visitors.

Grab this chance to experience the fun and thrill by purchasing an activity stub worth PHP250. With it, four (4) of your friends or family members can try out different rides and activities within the park. You and your kids can enjoy the Circle of Fun such as carousel, bump cars, Pedal and Paddle, Zip Line and biking.
There will also be a friendly conduct of the game "Futkal" or "Football sa Kalye". This, including a kite-making session will surely make your day full of fun, excitement and sure bonding with friends and family members. A free photo booth and lots of cool raffles and prizes awaits you in the event.
How to go to Quezon City Memorial Circle (QCMC). Here is a map of the location of Quezon City Memorial Circle. To get to the place, let's say you are coming from Manila area, just ride a bus going to Fairview or take a jeepney. If you are from Fairview area, take a bus going to Cubao or again, take a jeepney.
You can never miss this place; Just look for the famous structure pictured below, which is located right at the center of the CIRCLE. (Photo:

As this load of fun comes to the city, there will be BANANA BOAT: GREAT OUTDOOR FUN MEDIA LAUNCH tomorrow (March 8), so this is really happening

March 11, 2013

Join Our Spray n' Go Giveaway

Let me introduce to you the Philippine-made products that are truly eco-friendly!

Spray n’ Go offers waterless car cleaners which are biodegradable. They also provide carwash and quick detailing services at your convenient time and place.

So why use Spray N’ Go Waterless Car Cleaners?

1.You will save time and water but still maintain a clean and shiny car.

2. You can reduce frequency of washes with their water and dust repellent waterless car cleaners.

3. It removes water spots, preserve your car paint, add an extra gloss and protect it from extreme sunlight.

4. It lubricates to remove stubborn dirt without the risk of scratching the paint.

5. The product evaporates to prevent further spotting. It also enhances the gloss of your car making it look refreshed.

The Auto Show

Don’t miss their auto show happening on May 4, 2013! See the poster below for more details.

226493_104534663066161_45677565_n(Click the photo to enlarge)

The Giveaway!

Ten (10) of our followers will be lucky to win a set of Spray N’ Go Car Cleaners (Waterless Carwash and Quick Detailer, Waterless Glass Cleaner and Waterless Rim and Tire Cleaner)!

You do not have a car? You can still join! A set of Spray N’ Go car cleaners, together with some air pumps, can be a great gift to your friend or office boss!

Joining is so easy! You’ll just need to have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to enter. Submit entries using a Rafflecopter widget. Remember: The more entries to submit, the greater chances of winning! Go back for the daily entries.



This giveaway will run until April 11, 2013. Open to participants with Philippine address only. The winners will be picked via and have 48 hours to reply, otherwise, another winner/s will be drawn!

Disclosure: This giveaway is in no way affiliated nor sponsored by Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The sponsor, Spray N’ Go will be responsible for the prize fulfillment. No purchase is necessary.

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