January 30, 2011

Cry, Cut, and Bleed

There goes this saying that when you’re upset or brokenhearted, apparently, everything turns to ‘Emo’.  Some might be wondering what ‘Emo’ really means and what happens when you’re an ‘Emo’. Is it just the music that defines being Emo? Or is it the fashion trend that has black clothes, eyeliner and bangs? Perhaps it’s the lifestyle that a lot of people are now living.

The word ‘Emo’ is merely the shortened term of emotional as to what most would figure. But actually this all began in the 1980’s when the hardcore punk rock groups started a new vibe of music that associated violence and incredibly deep diary-like outpourings of emotion lyrics. Other bands were influenced by this new trend, and thus, the emo-music was born. Fast forward to the two decades, the term emo isn’t merely the songs but also the very lifestyle of the devotees to this extraordinary trend that evolved through the passage of time.

The fashion would involve tight jeans, dark colors , a lot of the bangs brushed to only one side of the face, eyeliner for both male and female, worn out sneakers, studded belts, tucked in shirts, rolled up sleeves, black horned-rimmed glasses and some would even go as far as piercing and body art. As far as lifestyle would go, the open practice of expressing one’s feelings trough action and writing is visibly seen. The occasional scribbling on paper when at worst of times is inevitable, as well as creating songs or poems that widely expresses emotional crisis. When the feeling that the world is out to get you or everything is frustrating enough to make you go on the verge of breaking down, some would resort to violence that involves razors cutting the wrist or practically anything that has skin on it, aggression, rage, anger, or anything in that range. Music would somehow come out, to some non-emo fanatics, as something subliminal or dark and depressing, or maybe simply self-expressing.

Sadly, in recent media, emo has been stereotyped as the people who are unnecessarily too emotional, angst, shy, introverted or depressed. A lot of people would immediately conclude that emo is associated with depression, self-injury, or suicide. When in the earlier years, emo was just music that because of the rapid advancement in the various lifestyles of different individuals in the millennium, emo evolved into something that many would perceive as deep, dark and violent. But as for the emo-fanatics of this generation, they might argue that being emo isn’t what most would define it is. Frankly, nobody can really give a concrete definition of what being emo in the millennium is anymore. It’s not just the music anymore; rather it’s the lifestyle too. Let’s just keep it that way. 

We just have to remember that we are commanded to love one another. We are not here to judge them; we are here to show them the love that Jesus Christ showed us, regardless of our status, our personalities, even our belief.

January 29, 2011

A Proud Sister

Being a sister of 5 siblings who were not all raised by a mother is a hard task, yet very exciting. Since our mother is not living with us, we have to assume all her responsibilities. From preparing our breakfast up to telling stories to our younger siblings before going to bed.

Now, I have to be more responsible. I know there will be times when I will be tempted to give up. But God always reminds me that He is my Strength and He is source of Joyfulness.

This afternoon, my youngest sibling went home from school with a happy face, bearing the feeling of excitement to share what has happened in her class. Her name is Blessie Marian Reign. She is just 6 years old. You can really see how happy she was when she told me about their Spelling Contest. She got the 1st place!

I'm really proud of her because she is a type of kid who does not want to engage with those kind of school activities, but then she stepped forward to conquer her fear of rejection. As an act of appreciation, I treated her in a fast-food chain and let her pick anything she want.

When I was a kid, I also won in several competitions and I remember, my mother always bring me to restaurants to celebrate it. What I want to say is that, I also want them to feel what I felt when I was like them. I don't want them to feel the pain of this world. I just want them to enjoy their childhood.

I am very much thankful to God for giving me this little angel to make me forget the hurtful moments because of her sweetness and gentleness. Also, I am grateful that God is making a way to reach this young girl and enlist in His family. She, together with our siblings, is attending the Sunday School class at SBC-Makati. I am very excited for the plans God prepared for her. Again, to baby Blessie, ate is very proud of you. I love you.

January 28, 2011


 Forgive me for posting this too late :)
Anyway, let me begin this now. Last January 22,2011, me, together with some of the girls in our church, were invited to attend this year's Ladies' Conference entitled "RefresHer". That was my first time to attend the said event, and all I can say was "A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!" The venue (Ynares Sports Arena-Pasig) was so fabulous! The speakers, they were all GREAT! I'm happy I was able to take a picture from some of them. Thanks to ate clarissa for allowing us to use her Sony Cybershot. :)

With my sisters(in pink) and  Ms.Vivian Dakpo

me, together with Ms. Karen Baird

Ms. Karen Baird, one of the speakers, currently serve as directors with MANNA Worldwide International. She has,definitely, a huge heart for women's ministries and for children around the world. As a present from her, she gave us a Bible (for free!), a proof of her generosity and kindness. :) She talked about the Ineffectiveness of an Independent Spirit. She pointed out in her message that we are not where we once were, we are not where we will be, we are in between. She emphasized that our life makes spiritual history right now. 

with Ms. Vivian Dakpo and rechelle

      Ms. Vivian Dakpo also spoke in the said event. She's from Botswana, Africa and is currently serving on a ministry team there as a Praise and Worship leader at her church. She gave us this striking question: Are you ready for a wedding? 
The Bible says that if we know Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior, He is our BRIDEGROOM and we are His BRIDE! This message echoed in my mind until now.

    "You are the Bride of Christ. Never let circumstances or struggles or even your own failures tell you differently. Be what God has called you to be and you will be REFRESHED daily with the strength to keep going."- Vivian

Undeniably, I had a memorable time of fellowship with all the women present there. As a woman, times like these are few and far away, where I can just get away from all of life's pressing issues and concerns and just simply enjoy myself. I'm very blessed and thankful that God allowed me to witness this one of a kind experience with the One who truly loves me. 

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