October 10, 2011

Planning to Monetize My Blog

Planning is important when you do anything. And when it comes to something as important as monetizing your blog, planning becomes even more essential.

It has been a year since I have started blogging. And now, I have decided to monetize my blog.

First, I registered in PayPal. My blogger friends tell me that, first, I should have an account there because that's where most of my profit will be placed. After that, I consulted Mr. Google and read over some articles about monetizing a blog. I have read that registering your own domain will have its advantages especially when you plan to monetize your blog.

I remembered, I attended a seminar together with my blogger church mates. That seminar was really intended for new bloggers like me. Part of the seminar was "How to Start a Blog" portion. The speaker from Online Money Making Experience told us that we should get a domain name and web hosting if we want more technical control of our blog. He also added that blogs in free sites can earn as much as self-hosted blogs, but self-hosted blogs appear to be more credible.

With that, I asked some of my friends where to find a domain registrar and recommended me name.com

But then, there's a slight problem. I found out that most of the online transactions require cards. I don't have one. And I am not planning to get one. Why? Because I am afraid I'll find myself one day buried in depth, paying for credit card dues. Another reason is that, using a credit card is like using the money you haven’t earned yet. 

Maybe I'll just get a debit card. Can you suggest me one? :)


albert said...

yeah i've tried registering at Paypal but i didn't work. i also tried Odesk, nuffnang, submitbuyblogreview, pay per post ans infolinks.. they worked...

thanks for sharing... have a ncied day ahead. and GOD BLESS

Followed yeah.. hope you could follow me back..

here's my url mr837.blogspot.com

laarni lopez said...

i registered with paypal using a union bank debit card and it works! i hope you succeed in this endeavor.

thanks for following my blog and i'm now following you too.. i recently removed my blog roll, but i can add you in my badge exchange page if you want. http://thejaggedbarn.blogspot.com/2010/06/badge-exchange_6562.html

i love your blog template! i recently changed mine.. you can check it out at http://thejaggedbarn.blogspot.com/ and let me know what you think..

Economy said...

nice work. visit me back.

simply pochi said...

@laarni- hello :) thanks for the help :) I will surely take into consideration your suggestion. I'll ask Mr. Union about the requirements :) Thanks again

elmo said...

try google adsense.pay is quite handsome.and cashing out is a breeze thru western union,no need for paypal acct. cons:they are very strict regarding placing rival ads on the same site. hope it helps.

~FBT UBT Galore

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