January 16, 2015

Review: Splash Math iTunes App


Introducing Pre-School and Kindergarten Splash Math

It is a great app that combines fun and learning at the same time. Kids will totally learn counting skills, basic math concepts.

This app allows kids to get started with Math practice in a fun way. Ideal for kids 3-6 years in age, it’s a superb math game for kids in preschool and kindergarten. It's good to know that there is an app that helps little kids and toddlers be on the right track so that they will have a very good foundation, specifically in Math concepts.

I will recommend these to my other friends with kids. It will be a good investment.

Introducing Splash Math For Grade 1 to 5

For more than 15 years of my life as a student, I know for fact that one of the challenges of most of the students is the Mathematics subject. That is why more schools today are really focusing on that particular subject. 

 And as a math enthusiast, I know by experience that practice makes perfect. Working through a workbook with endless number of problems can really help hone your skills. But, in this iPad era, it would be great if instead of physical workbooks, we can have apps to help us instead. Truly, technology is really playing a good role today. 

 Splash Math - Grade 1to 5 is a workbook app that provides math exercises for your kids - on my case, my siblings. They are both in elementary level so the app is really a perfect help for their math problems. It is a collection of fun (underwater theme) and interactive math problems.  The apps are grade-specific making it easy for students to practice math skills applicable on their level.

 What I like most about this app is that the lessons are very comprehensive, very modern, and user-friendly. The app features many chapters that cover over 300 skills that grade 1 to 5 students will learn in Math. All of this is in line with elementary educational standards. 

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Dominique Goh said...

I haven't heard about this app. will check it out for my girl :)

simply pochi said...

Hi Dominique. :) Thanks for dropping by. It was just actually released a month ago. Sure. I'm sure your kids will like it, too.

Claudine Mamales-Uniana said...

I'm not really good with Math (one of the reasons I married an engineer hehe; unfortunately he's in Ethiopia right now), so I could always use some help teaching my kids Math. Good app, I'd say!

JanzCrystalz January said...

Sounds great! But sadly, I am android user. I hope it's available for android.

Ron Leyba said...

Will try and test this app. Looks good for my daughter and son.

kareen liez said...

I am looking for amazing apps fro my little one and this looks good :) Thanks for the review.

Gil Camporazo said...

I am interested with Splash Math app for we've a 2-year old cute girl who is too smart, too advanced to manipulate things and this gadget could develop her math skill and enrich herself on math concepts.

Melgie Campbell said...

This is perfect for my daughter which is in Kindergarten. The apps is amazing and will help learn interesting stuff. Thanks for the review and sharing Sis.:)

Ida JT said...

I think this will also be a good brain teaser for the elderly :)

Kristine Gavilano said...

Nice. I'd like to download this. My son (I think) is advanced basta animals ang pinag uusapan, but with other concepts, he's not in the blooming stage yet. I guess this can help him hone his math skills.

Gil Camporazo said...

As a school principal, I should introduce this apps to my teachers. I could imagine the skill that it could cover, 300 or more. And it is user-friendly apps. (2nd comment of 2 - Gil Camporazo)

Nilyn EC Matugas said...

This looks like a great app! :) Thanks for sharing.


Buge Machica said...

Thanks for sharing! Will definitely download this app for my niece... she loves math!

sanna velasco said...

I love educational apps because its a worth the time that my daughter spends on my tablet. I will be happy to let her use this app so she can learn her math instead of spending lots of time on youtube.

Michi said...

Thanks for sharing this app. Its been awhile since the last time I downloaded educational apps.

Allan D said...

This is a great app for kids at school. They are enjoying playing the gadget at the same time learning. I hope this will also apply to android users.

jessa.delacerna said...

Learning is fun especially today there are lots of cool apps. This is great for my kinder. :)

Ron Leyba said...

Saw this app at one blog I visited days ago! A great app for kids especially for those who are at their tender years.

Melgie Campbell said...

This App is so perfect for my toddle and kindergarten. I have to say, this is great review Sis. I have to check out soon it will def, help my kindergarten since she loves Matt.

Peachy Adarne said...

This is really a nice app, specially for those who love Math!

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