December 31, 2010

My Not-so-Perfect Plan

      For me, PLANNING is deciding in advance what is to be done, when, where, how, and by whom it is to be done. Thus, a plan is a determined course of action. It is an attempt on the part of an individual to anticipate in the future in order to achieve better performance. The essence of planning is looking ahead. It is always concerned with the future. So before the clock strikes at 12, i want to share to you my not-so-perfect plan for the coming year 2011 :) and oh! please help me eliminate some unnecessary details. Thanks :)

Here's my list:

  A. Have a daily devotion with my Savior
  B. Set up at least 10 minutes a day to listen to Christian Songs and meditate on it
  C. Finish reading the Old Testament
  D. Attend a Bible School
  E. Have something special  for my babies in Sunday School :)
  F. Memorize 2 verses a day
  G. Pray daily


A. Do my homeworks
B. Be on time! :))
C. Explore things. Learn everything I can.
 D. Master Accounting
 E. Be an ACCOUNTANT :) (although it will take four more years) :)


     A. Remove excess fats :) 5 curl-ups a day
    B. Eat more fruits and vegetables :)
    C. Avoid Make-Ups
    D. Try  new sports
    E. Take Vitamins


         A. Finish 1 inspirational/good book at least once a month
       B. Memorize 5 songs a month
       C. Watch a good movie once a week
       D. Read one novel every quarter :)
       E. Read in advance the lessons on all my subjects


     A. Have a date with my boyfriend: JESUS, at least once a week
     B. Learn more recipes for my family
     C. Be more intentional
     D. Invite them to church every Sunday
     E. Set a movie day with family and friends
     F. Meet new friends
     G. Set a day out with the GIRL POWER :) at least once a month
     H. Have a girl talk with my sisters every night

That's it! :) I know to myself that I can do most, if not all, of these things by this promise of God:

But still, I have to do my part as a believer. Proverbs 22:4 says, "Respect and serve the LORD! Your reward will be wealth, a long life, and honor." 

Have a wonderful planning! :) GOD BLESS.

"God plans the best for us and together as God's people, He would make us PERFECT." Hebrews 11:40

Volunteers' Retreat @ Loreland

December 27, 2010, another day full of experience and happy moments. It was another bonding moment with the members of the church I'm attending to. We had the SBC-Makati‘s ministry leaders retreat in Loreland Farm Resort. Some were not able to make it as they left for the province, taking advantage of the holiday break. Truly, it is a joy to fellowship with this church family. :D Pastor Jeff and Ate Jen have always been good to us. I love their attitude of being appreciative, a wonderful character, indeed. We are thankful to God that He is using these kind of people to make us feel His love for us. 

We had so much fun! The place was fantastic! I wasn't expecting that it would be that wonderful. Honestly, i'm not into swimming(that's why I'm being teased by my friends and family that the fact that I'm tall, I don't know how to swim), but when I saw those beautiful pools, i was encouraged to take a swimming class. And hopefully, I could start it by summer. 

But above all else, our focus here is thanking God for the grace and strength that He is granting us to continue serve Him. I'm hoping that this experience will not be the first and last. :)

Here are some of the shots on that day. (Thanks ate Jen, ate Eloisa, and ate Cla for these photos) :D

December 5, 2010

State Of the Nation Address: P-Noy

Last July, we were required in our Philippine Governance subject to comment on our President's State of the Nation Address. Honestly, I am not fond of listening to SONA ever since, but then I realized that as a Filipino, I must also be sensitive to what's happening to my country. After all, who should love and take care of this counrty? We, Filipinos.

Below is my observation on P'Noy's first State of the Nation Address:

The first STATE OF THE NATION ADDRESS OF President Benigno Aquino III after his election was delivered at the joint session of the Congress of the Philippines on July 26, 2010.
The SONA can be summarized into two basic parts. The first part enumerates the sins, incompetence and the alleged anomalies of the past administration which result into contributing factors why the new leader feels that he is facing problems to deliver his promises.
The second part includes the solutions and strategies he wants to adopt to solve the perceived problems in order to promote prosperity and peace for the nation. At the end, he enjoined the people to participate in this gargantuan task which he and the people he appointed in the different positions would carry out to make the people’s dream a reality.
"That’s it?!" The very first reaction I said after the SONA. I feel that the address failed to convince me that we are going to the right direction. Yes, he succeeded in citing the past administration’s anomalies but he did not cite specific and concrete plans such as increasing the education budget, agrarian reform, employment etc.   
Well, we cannot blame him, ‘wise man speaks less’, and I hope he is such one. We should not always give negative responses about our president's governing ways because it’s not that easy to handle a democratic country like us. But we should not stop eyeing the government for we never know politics might be deceiving.

December 3, 2010

The Start of Something New

     At last, I have started blogging! I'm happy for my self :) Honestly, I don't have an idea about this "blogging" thing. Yes, I have heard this from my friends, but I was not encouraged by them. Maybe because my thinking before was, it was just only a waste of time and money, since I don't have my own computer and internet connection. But now, I am interested about this "something new". With the help of blogging, I can share my ideas, thoughts and emotions through writing.
     I have realized that written memories are very important to me, because I admit I don't have a photographic memory. These memories,whether good or bad, will serve as a remembrance of what I have did and going to do with the life God has given me. Although there's a lack of confidence in me, still i want to share a part of me, and hopefully it can also be an inspiration to others.
    And now, here I am, hoping that I would be having readers who will be interested about my posts.

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