July 27, 2014

Sweet Endings with My #Cadbury Barkada

Talk about sweetness, who wouldn't know Cadbury? Our all time favorite milk chocolate. :)

And here's what I've been looking forward to -- enjoying my rest day while eating Cadbury! As a call center agent, one way of protecting my voice is by disciplining myself. Everybody knows how I love chocolates! But as I enter this kind of industry, eating chocolate is one of the DON'Ts. But I just can't resist Cadbury - truly mouthwatering! :) 

That's why I really enjoy this Sunday night with my Barkada slash family while watching The Avengers for the nth time and delighting ourselves with #CadburySweetEndings :)

Looking forward to next RD and share another bite of sweetness and just enjoy every minute with my barkada and loved ones. :)


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