August 29, 2011

Happy Monday

Wonderful weather, beautiful sisters, sweet brother, lovely father, the Word of God- some of the reasons why I am really enjoying my Monday. :)

I started my day devoting my self to God. I read my Bible and I prayed. I believe that if you started Your day by immersing your soul with His complete and Final Revelation to man (which is the Bible), everything else will follow smoothly. All your anxious thoughts, worries, and heartache will be removed because of His Word.

After reading the Bible, I washed the plates while listening to worship songs. Listening to these songs makes me do my work lightly and I notice I was just only taking a few minutes to finish those chores.

My youngest sister greeted me "Good morning, Ate!", and those sweet words pierced my heart. She made me feel very important today. :)

Papa prepared the breakfast for us. Then, without any words, he voluntarily washed our clothes. That's what I love about him. I am really blessed to have him as my father.

What's my reason in sharing these to you? I shared these to you because God whispered in my heart that I should always be thankful in everything that's happening in my life. I should give Him the praises He deserves.

God bless you. Have a wonderful day! :)


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