September 4, 2011

I Lost my Phone Again :(

Yesterday, I went home with a heavy heart. I lost my phone for the third time. Yes, you heard (or should I say "read") it right. That was my third phone to be lost. The first two were taken to me when somebody declared a "HOLD-UP" inside the jeep I was riding. I was really shocked that time. But, this time, somebody took it from me. And I was more shocked with this because I didn't expect that a student from the school were I'm in took my phone. I really can't believe it. I thought I will be safe inside my campus. Sigh!

Anyway, that was just a phone. Material in nature, and will not last for a long time.What's important is that, I was not hurt. Thanks to my PROTECTOR (JESUS). :)

Take care.


Jack said...

I hate your first two!..

so sad.. :(

Eric said...

Aww.. that was sad..
indeed, good thing di ka sinaktan..

reyrusty said...

:)) move on.. pochie!

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