November 25, 2011

My New Domain

I know I should officially announce that my blog is now I have started my blog with Blogspot for over a year now and I have decided to dotcomize my blog. :) I have read and heard from my blogger friends that registering your own domain will have its advantages especially when you plan to monetize your blog. I know it’s a given but why not enjoy the perks while you are at it. It’s all about your own choices and options right?

But don't worry, friends, I will still manage this site. I am not going to deactivate this one. :)

Anyway, please do visit my other site:

Happy blogging! :)


Stylissimo said...

Very nice new blog for my Fashion Blog Library

visit me also dear


merl_md said...

I also got my own domain (2 in fact from GoDaddy) but remained with blogger as my web host.

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