December 7, 2011

My Eyes Need Some Make-Over

EYES has been labeled as our window to the world. Our eyes are wonderful sensory organs that help us learn about the world in which we live. Eyes see all sorts of things - big or small, near or far, smooth or textured, colors and dimensions.
You know what my dream is? To have a 20/20 vision, but sorry-me, I'm the only one among my sibling who are wearing eyeglasses. As far as I can remember, I started using prescription glasses back when I was a 4th Grader. At first, I find it cool to wear them. but then, growing up, I realized that I had a wrong belief.

Actually, poor eyesight is not in our gene pool. Also, I am not a bookworm. That's why up to now, I'm still curios about how I acquired these poor eyesight.

They say that child's vision is the most important tool that she needs in order to succeed in school. I agree. There came a time during my high school days when I misplaced my eyeglasses. This lasted for almost a year. I noticed that I really had a hard time coping up with the lessons. I don't want to sound boastful, but I was a consistent top student in our class. But then, when I lost my eyeglasses, my grades gradually decreased.

Whenever I go to the optical clinic, I always make sure that they meet my standards: having licensed opticians and ophthalmologists that ensure the quality of eyewears prescribed and being sold, and the eyewears not that expensive.

I was snooping around a site and found something I really like!  I'm lemming for the CUBIK 947 C1 ladies full rim acetate. It caught my attention because it's a combination of my favorite colors, purple and pink. Plus filling it with my prescribed -275 eye grade, this baby makes up for style and functionality that I so live by. This was a wake up call again for me that my eyewear needs a total make-over. Who knows, I just might win Cubik eyewear simply by joining the Cubik Eyewear Blogging Contest!

When I found out that Cubix Eyewear offers that high quality service, trendy and affordable eyewear, I can't help but ask, "Who says fashion and affordability cannot go together?".


jared's mum said...

i have such a poor eyesight too, but it was all due to those all-nighters + reading all those paperbacks late at night {yes, even with only my mobile phone backlight on!}

maybe resting the eyes should do the trick, am just not sure about the 20/20 vision, prescription glasses + lasik are probably the only way to fight that....

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