December 1, 2012

Buzzwords That You Might Encounter

Maybe there came a time when you were in the middle of a conversation, then suddenly you heard an unfamiliar word. You said to your self "Oh no! It's as if I was born yesterday!". But then you were left N.R. (No Reaction). :)

I have experienced that. I was just thankful at that moment because I have my internet connection at that time so I searched it on Google. :) HAHA!

I can't blame them. We are in a new era. New words are coming out. These are such words that you may have encountered over the net, chats, and other similar situations but you remain clueless after consulting Mr. Webster. These are called buzzwords.

From the Free Dictionary, Buzzword is:

1. A word or phrase connected with a specialized field or group that usually sounds important or technical and is used primarily to impress laypersons
2. A stylish or trendy word or phrase.

So, to give you some commonly used buzzwords, below is a list of them so that you may find yourself in a witty discussion. :)


Origin: recycle + psychopath
Definition: This word is used to describe someone who is so into recycling that he or she doesn't want to throw away anything he or she owns.
Usage: Our room is almost starting to look like a junk shop because of my sister who's a recyclopath.


Origin: a play on the term "window shopping"
Definition: The act of browsing through online shopping sites without buying anything. It's window shopping minus the walking around the mall. :)
Usage: Since I don;t have my paycheck yet, I have no choice but to do some monitor shopping for now.


Origin: lust + must-have
Definition: Refers to "to-die-for" items which you have been wanting to buy.
Usage: The latest iPhone is a total lust-have.


Origin: food + suffix -phile, which means love
Definition: This is a new term for food enthusiasts. You will often see a foodophile anywhere from gourmet restaurants to weekend food markets.
Usage: I'll spend all my Christmas bonus just by trying a lot of good restaurants. I am a certified foodophile!


Origin: Twitter + typo (short for typographical error)
Definition: If you mistyped a word or made an accidental grammatical mistake while tweeting.
Usage: Sorry for the twypo in my last tweet.



wReY sWiFt said...

"My mother can qualify as a recyclopath."

Wow! I learned 5 new words today! Thanks for sharing Rochelle. ^◡^

P.S. Glad to follow you back onn GFC#50.
How about following each other on Google+, Facebook and Twitter too? ^◡^


Franc Ramon said...

Thanks I learned 5 new buzzword. I'm looking forward to reading more buzzword from your posts.

working mama said...

thanks for sharing this.. at least once I heard these 5 words i know already what it mean

roviedear said...

ooh cool buzzwords! i love that Monitor Shopping is being used now as there are a number of people (myself included) who loves monitor shopping because of the numerous online shops existing now :D


The Bargain Doll


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