December 3, 2010

The Start of Something New

     At last, I have started blogging! I'm happy for my self :) Honestly, I don't have an idea about this "blogging" thing. Yes, I have heard this from my friends, but I was not encouraged by them. Maybe because my thinking before was, it was just only a waste of time and money, since I don't have my own computer and internet connection. But now, I am interested about this "something new". With the help of blogging, I can share my ideas, thoughts and emotions through writing.
     I have realized that written memories are very important to me, because I admit I don't have a photographic memory. These memories,whether good or bad, will serve as a remembrance of what I have did and going to do with the life God has given me. Although there's a lack of confidence in me, still i want to share a part of me, and hopefully it can also be an inspiration to others.
    And now, here I am, hoping that I would be having readers who will be interested about my posts.


n0sAj said...

it was nice... I like it...=)

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