December 5, 2010

State Of the Nation Address: P-Noy

Last July, we were required in our Philippine Governance subject to comment on our President's State of the Nation Address. Honestly, I am not fond of listening to SONA ever since, but then I realized that as a Filipino, I must also be sensitive to what's happening to my country. After all, who should love and take care of this counrty? We, Filipinos.

Below is my observation on P'Noy's first State of the Nation Address:

The first STATE OF THE NATION ADDRESS OF President Benigno Aquino III after his election was delivered at the joint session of the Congress of the Philippines on July 26, 2010.
The SONA can be summarized into two basic parts. The first part enumerates the sins, incompetence and the alleged anomalies of the past administration which result into contributing factors why the new leader feels that he is facing problems to deliver his promises.
The second part includes the solutions and strategies he wants to adopt to solve the perceived problems in order to promote prosperity and peace for the nation. At the end, he enjoined the people to participate in this gargantuan task which he and the people he appointed in the different positions would carry out to make the people’s dream a reality.
"That’s it?!" The very first reaction I said after the SONA. I feel that the address failed to convince me that we are going to the right direction. Yes, he succeeded in citing the past administration’s anomalies but he did not cite specific and concrete plans such as increasing the education budget, agrarian reform, employment etc.   
Well, we cannot blame him, ‘wise man speaks less’, and I hope he is such one. We should not always give negative responses about our president's governing ways because it’s not that easy to handle a democratic country like us. But we should not stop eyeing the government for we never know politics might be deceiving.


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