December 31, 2010

Volunteers' Retreat @ Loreland

December 27, 2010, another day full of experience and happy moments. It was another bonding moment with the members of the church I'm attending to. We had the SBC-Makati‘s ministry leaders retreat in Loreland Farm Resort. Some were not able to make it as they left for the province, taking advantage of the holiday break. Truly, it is a joy to fellowship with this church family. :D Pastor Jeff and Ate Jen have always been good to us. I love their attitude of being appreciative, a wonderful character, indeed. We are thankful to God that He is using these kind of people to make us feel His love for us. 

We had so much fun! The place was fantastic! I wasn't expecting that it would be that wonderful. Honestly, i'm not into swimming(that's why I'm being teased by my friends and family that the fact that I'm tall, I don't know how to swim), but when I saw those beautiful pools, i was encouraged to take a swimming class. And hopefully, I could start it by summer. 

But above all else, our focus here is thanking God for the grace and strength that He is granting us to continue serve Him. I'm hoping that this experience will not be the first and last. :)

Here are some of the shots on that day. (Thanks ate Jen, ate Eloisa, and ate Cla for these photos) :D


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