February 8, 2011

New Ministry Opporunity

I so love the kids! That's why when I heard that one of our missionary friends is going to teach as a new technique in sharing the Gospel to the kids, I did not have second thoughts. Pastor Brent Longenecker, together with her wife Amanda, is a missionary from the United States. They were the ones who teach us how to share the Good News to the little kids in a very exciting way. We call this the "MESSAGE BOARD". For me, this is such a wonderful idea because I believe that kids would love visual things. In this message board, we will try to use colorful paintings while teaching them about the Bible. In this way, their attention will be caught easily. Aside from that, there is a high probability that the message would retain in kid's mind because of the paintings they will be seeing.

Some photos while having our training (credits to sister Sarah for the photos)

JIVE (Jesus-Inspired Valuing Eternity) Youth is very grateful to have the two foreigner friends. I, personally, am blessed to have these two faithful partners in my life. Hats off to both of you! :)

I believe that this new ministry opportunity is not the last one that God wants us to do. I know that His surprises and blessings are as numerous as the stars. May God continue to reveal to as all His magnificent plans in our youth ministry.


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