March 17, 2011

Regaining Lost Paradise

At last! Exam week is over! :) (But still we can't enjoy our vacation) :( Anyway, I just want to share this speech that I have created for my finals in my subject "Speech Communication". Honestly, I'm not good in English, but I believe I can master it through practice. :)

The title of this speech is "Regaining Lost Paradise". I have composed this out of the care for my Mother Earth. It took me six days to finish this piece. Just in time before I deliver this in front of the class.
Here is a copy of it:

"Regaining Lost Paradise"

I have a dream- a dream for my land and my people, where I see the world in its fullness governed by God. I see a dream- a dream that needs to be fulfilled; where the dead barks of Cedars would rise again as reborn spirit, yielding its leaves raising it up a creation reaching the Creator above. 

On the land where my dream rests, rises the sun with its bright royal cape. His flames rejuvenate every soul while his light fills every empty shadow on the land. The offspring of both Lion and Lamb plays together. The tiger nurses the young cattle, while the bear gives milk for the little wolves. The trees enthroned on the plains were mighty and majestic. The grass covers the valley like a bride adorned with her bridal dress. The goodness of the Lord fills the earth while the heavens declare His righteousness.

This is my dream! Yes, a dream. A dream maybe of fantasy, but a dream given by God as a foretaste of what HEAVEN is like; a passing dream maybe, but a dream results to vision and vision ignites the passion towards reality.

We live in a world deformed by inequity and corruption. Humanity's selfish desires created the faces of every menace that haunts God' majestic creation. From the highest tip of every mountain, down to the depth of the sea, manifests the trace of uncertainty born from man's ill will.

Dying people, hungry children, global warming, banishment of species, contaminated waters, poisoned rivers- these are all elements of annihilation.  All of these form one devious enemy that when it strikes the first half, may cause for us a MURDER! These are but once a nightmare. Now they are REAL.

How come nightmares came into being while the dreams we long to see remain slumbering?How can the phantoms that corrupt our world prevail while the dreams rested hastily into their graves? who can fathom such irony? What dreams may come? What more do these nightmares would bring?

Each passing day, the sun grows dim. The children were always filled with hunger and anxiety. The leaves of oaks and pines slowly detach themselves from their mother branch. The skies tremble with fear for what is to come. The once mighty king of icebergs and frost now melts on its throne. See how awful the signs are. What dreams may ascend to overcome the gates of hell? Who can covert these nightmares to the harbors of rebirth/

My soul, why are you down? Why are you troubled lonely spirit? Grieve not stones of Adam for the horror of our transgression nor creep no more, oh daughters of Eve. THE LORD HAS TAKEN, THE LORD WILL RESTORE.

Dream dreams. Have dreams where the taste of paradise is at reach for power was given to us, for God crowned us with glory and honor and have made us little lower than the angels. He has put as in dominion overall creation.

We, the heirs of the earth and ambassadors of creation,we, who has the power to destroy! We, though claims the guilt but takes the chance to renew our vows. It is we who weave dreams and dreams for us to be put into reality.

However, like the gushing waters of the spring, stones within the water push it back from running down. There will be trials in my life before I will be able to reach my dreams.As the calamities in our country come one after the other, the light of my dreams slowly begins to fade, and as the problems build up, I suddenly felt the cold wind of sadness.

The dirty waters has now spread out the clean waters just as diseases like Influenza AH1N1, spread like wild fire in the forest. Typhoon Ondoy recently killed thousands of people an in the end, many students cannot study because schools became evacuation centers and books became scarce. Everyone is poisoned in a state of hopelessness.

I, as a youth and as a student, will reach out a hand and help lessen the catastrophe. Little by little, we can bring forth a big difference and conquer the challenges that we face.

From simple segregating and throwing of garbages in their proper receptacle, in school, in our homes, and in everywhere we go, we help make our surroundings clean. It is also a big help to advocate the 3R's: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle day to day spoils. We must help and stop people from living alongside riverbanks for their safety and keep them from littering in the area. 

We should always keep our environment clean and green. Let us avoid throwing trash away to prevent drainages from clogging. This can keep us from flash floods. 

As a student and a proud Filipino, we should support the United Nation's Millennium Development Goals. Join programs set by our barangays like community clean-up drive, so that we could inspire other youth to help out as well. We should bring back what has been lost, plant more trees, use compost pit for biodegradable trashes, and help clean Ilog Pasig. Let us use proper shopping bags or baskets in the market instead of plastics. Let us aim for a "Zero-Styro Campus" in our schools.

These are just mere seeds of ideas sprouted from a simple student like me. I believe that if we unite together as one, we can do anything, and only if we put our minds and hearts into it.

Yesterday is a history. Tomorrow is a mystery. But today is gift from God that's why it is called a present. The future of our country and our world is not only in my hands, but ours. It's not too late for us. Let us join hands and together build a magnificent future for our Mother Land.

Dreamers arise! Carne your dreams on the pillow of every generation, for through our care for Mother Earth, that we may heal a world so torn with polluted desires. Once more, I dream that these nightmares were gone. The trees shall open their mouths and sing with the mighty song of the seas. The oceans and rivers shall clap their hands as the leaves dance with man, Yes, a song to be sung again like the first day of creation And the sleeper shall not ever slumber again, for together, we shall proclaim from pole to pole. 

Make dreams real for our world to be healed! All together, let us REGAIN OUR LOST PARADISE!


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