January 12, 2015

Free Viber and Facebook with Globe

What a great news to start a Monday!

Globe Telecom would like to spread more good vibes with everyone as they offer FREE VIBER TO ALL GLOBE SUBSCRIBERS. Isn't it amazing? More perks just by being a Globe user. 

#ShareYourVibe! That is their current motto.

It’s back and this time Globe subscribers will enjoy FREE Facebook but also FREE Viber starting January 13, 2014 until February 13, 2015, everyone can enjoy this free service. Imagine one month of free data usage. Who wouldn't love it? :)

And always with Globe, they make it easy for all – no purchase required, no promo required, no daily registration required, and available to all Globe customers (mobile and Tattoo).

#FreeViber with Globe will enable more Filipinos to have richer mobile sharing experience with free texts, calls, emoticons, stickers, push to talk, and the recently launched Viber Public Chats where they get 24/7 celebrity chats.

Message from Peter Bithos, Chief Operating Advisor, Globe Telecom

At Globe, we like surprising you by giving something special from time to time. We like being the brand that introduces you to new experiences, especially at little or no cost.  Thanks to you, our customers, our passion for digital experiences and your digital life makes Globe the fastest growing telco in the Philippines today. And increasingly, our approach is being adopted by others in the Philippines and across the world. We are humbled by all the local and global companies who have decided to follow in our footsteps. 
In that spirit, we don’t want to let 2015 to start without a bang… or without thanking our customers for a wonderful 2014. So, starting January 13, 2015 – and for an entire month – our world-renowned Free Facebook is back. But, this time, we have decided to spice it up a bit.   
In the month leading up to Valentine’s Day, we are also offering Free Viber for all Globe customers in the Philippines. And always with Globe, we make it easy for you – no purchase required, no promo required, no daily registration required, and available to all Globe customers (mobile and Tattoo)… plus, it comes with all our love and affection. 
With Globe, get ready to look forward to an even more exciting year ahead.
Visit our Facebook page for the details over the next few days.

Happy Monday! :) 


Nilyn EC Matugas said...

This sounds interesting! I might try this out. Thanks for posting! :)


Mommy Maye said...

Good to hear this again. Sana forever na lang. When we bought samsung CP last October, it came with a Globe data sim with 2-month free data surfing. Ngayon ika-3 months na free pa din. Naku I love Globe na. hehe

Michi said...

This is nice promo of Globe. I'm glad I have Globe sim. ;)

jessa.delacerna said...

Nice Globe! Will try this para kahit wala sa bahay, conneceted pa rin.


melandriaonline said...

we are a postpaid globe user and their signal in our place is very poor and really sucks :(

KRIZZA said...

I had a bad experience with Globe thats why I stopped using it. Anyway, glad that they came up with something good for their clients.

JanzCrystalz January said...

I am a loyal Globe user, in fact my first ever number was Globe prepaid back in 2000 and it's still alive after 15 years. Today, along side with my prepaid I have also two postpaid plans. And as for the free Viber I'm not that really a Viber user, wala ako ka-text or ka-call from abroad kaya. hehehe

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