May 17, 2011

Daily Vacation Bible School (Day 1)

It was SBC- Makati's first time to handle a Vacation Bible School, and I am dearly grateful to be part of this event. What's interesting about this VBS is that all of us were volunteers. It's really happy to serve a living God!

On the first day of VBS, everyone was filled with excitement. With all the rooms decorated and all the materials prepared, i think everyone is ready for the said activity.

We started our day by devoting ourselves to God. Pastor Jeffrey Aspacio shared a verse from the Bible, and was really a great encouragement for all the volunteers.

The early birds :)

The student, together with all the volunteers, assembled in the auditorium before going to their respective classrooms. 
Doing the actions for the VBS theme song "Let Us Rejoice"

Some of the mothers in the church preparing for the kid's snacks

Checking the attendance of the students :)

After the assembly, all the students went to their respective rooms, accompanied by their teachers. We started the class with some games to boost their energy all through out the day. Then, we shared the Bible story for the day. On Dig Site 1 (Day 1), our story revealed that our Almighty God is THE CREATOR of everything. He created the earth as well as its vegetation and various species of animals. Great beasts like dinosaurs were formed at His command. Like Job, we will be faced with the overwhelming evidence of His sovereignty as Creator and Sustainer of all, and spend time in worshiping Him.

Every after class, one group of students will perform or share anything they have learned from their classrooms.


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