May 16, 2011

First Time to Experience Hold-Up

It was Friday the 13th (although I really don't believe this myth) when I was on my way home from my school. That was our last day for summer class. Before I left the campus, I was thinking what to ride so that I can go home earlier but with cheaper fare. My options were either riding LRT then MRT or banging with the "PATOK" jeepneys. Then I took into consideration how much was my remaining coins on my pocket, so I chose to take the jeepney.

Usually, I listen to music on my phone when I'm travelling home, but this was the first time that I never exposed my phones inside the public transportation. To cut the long story, that night was my first time to experience a "hold-up". I was really shocked at that time because all my life, I've only seen those scary men on movies. I never really imagined that it would happen to me. They got my Nokia C3 phone and MyPhone T23 Duo. Then I said to myself: It is not worth risking your life for material/earthly possessions.

As soon as they aboard the jeepney, I prayed to God. "Lord, give me presence of mind." I know that behind of that situation, there will always be something to rejoice. I didn't get hurt and I AM STILL ALIVE! And I will be forever grateful to my Heavenly Father for giving me another chance to live my life that He gave.

Lesson learned:  Be extra careful when commuting, especially during the night. Always pray and if ever you do encounter bad elements, just give them what they need. These people are desperate and some will do anything for personal gain.


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