May 26, 2011

Handy Household Hints (Part 2)

I am hoping that the first post regarding household tips really helped you :) There is more to come! :)

Emergency Antiseptic

For the cuts and scrapes, use white distilled vinegar as an antiseptic.

Guess what soothes tired skin?

White vinegar promotes skin health. Rub on tired, sore or swollen areas.

Mess-free kitchen table

Before you start a messy cooking project on your kitchen table or counter, cover it with wax paper. When you are done, just wrap up the  mess and toss in the trashcan.

Bedroom space saver

If you have a limited space around the bed, ditch the bedside tables and find a headboard with cabinets to hold lamps, books, and glasses.

Rock salt for fish tanks

Rub the inside of fish tanks with salt to remove hard water deposits, then rinse well before returning the fish to the tank. Use rock salt- not iodized. 

Longer life for cut flowers

Mix two tablespoon s of vinegar and  two tablespoons of sugar in a liter of water to keep cut flowers longer. Change the water and trim stem ends every four or five ends.

Lip balm to the rescue

Use lip balm as a styling wax to groom and unruly mustaches, eyebrows, or other wild or stray hairs.

Pantyhose in the freezer

For longer lasting pantyhose, try freezing these before wearing. Just wet, wring out, and toss in a plastic bag to freeze. Thaw and hang to dry. 


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