October 14, 2011

Happy Birthday, Bunso!

Blessie Marian Reign, our 7-year-old lovely sister, just celebrated her birthday. But it was not an excuse to leave her class today. :)

When she came back from school, she announced a great news. She said. "Ate, Top 9 ako"! Then I laughed. Maybe because I was not expecting that she will be included in the top students among her class because she has a lot of absences. But then, I let her enjoy this day.

My eldest sister, together with the birthday girl, went to Timezone. Below are some photos taken while she was enjoying the games there:

Here's a video of her while playing basketball :)

Happy birthday, my sister! :) I hope you enjoyed your day. :) I love you <3


aLgene said...

Happy birthday to your little sissy! :)

facebook.com said...

Thank You Po ! :) At Thank You Din Po Ate Pochi ! :* Thanks Din Po Kay GOD !

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