October 13, 2011

Given Grace has been given GRACE

It was only yesterday that I heard news about another tragic story happened in University of the Philippines Los Banos (UPLB). A Junior Computer Science student named Given Grace was found dead in a canal with bruises all over her body, a mark of a very hard pressure, a tape covered her mouth, her hands were tied, and there was also a bullet shot in her head. I can't imagine how she looked like after the said incident. I can't help but grieve with what she experienced.

Honestly, I don't know Given Grace personally. I never actually met her. But, I have  seen a lot of blog posts already on news and opinions about what happened. I am not blogging about this just to take advantage of the tragedy to write about something that some would probably like to read about. I wrote this as a tribute to her. I have read that Given Grace is a sister in Christ, a daughter of a pastor.

I pray for Given's loved ones, families, and friends that they may be comforted and strengthened in this trying time. My heart goes out to her family and friends.I admire the hope and faith that is seen in his father. He said, it's okay to grieve, but with HOPE. There was hope in him that someday, when the Lord Jesus returns again, her daughter will rise with Him.

To Given's family, count me in to pray for you.

But to everyone, physical death and suffering is not the greatest tragedy of all.  Eternal death is.But with God's unconditional LOVE, He gave His One and Only SON to redeem us from the fire of Hell.

For the wages of SIN is DEATH; but the GIFT of GOD is ETERNAL LIFE in CHRIST JESUS, our Lord.- Romans 6:23


iamreyrusty said...

Surely, GOD has plans for her..

aLgene said...

Let's all pray for Given Grace. Nakakalungkot yung nangyari. She's a top student pa naman at maraming ambitions sa buhay. But all was taken away from her by the killer. Sana makamit ang hustisya para sa kanya.

simply pochi said...

Let's just continue to pray for her family. I praise God because He has called Given Grace to be His daughter. She's was saved by the blood of Jesus, and I believe she's in heaven right now.

Joshua Tan said...

Lets pray for her

Anonymous said...

praying for her is a tad useless now.

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