October 29, 2011

Sports Worth Playing

Let's admit it. Filipinos are very fund of playing various sports that would bring them excitement and extra fun. Look around you. We can see basketball courts in every corner- a proof of being addicted to sports. But aside from basketball, two of the most famous sports in these days are rugby and soccer.


Rugby Sport

Many Filipinos, nowadays, are already hooked in these two emerging interesting sports. It’s quite funny to realize that even the people who never really played these games are learning to love the said sports, not to mention me, myself. I even tried to buy a ticket on one of the soccer games to support my adorned players. I even looked out and searched for some promotional coupons and discount vouchers, which would get me help the sporting goods of these all-time best games at their cheapest and most affordable prices. J But, to my surprise, I was one of the sad supporters because unfortunately, the tickets are all sold out. That was just an evidence that the popularity of rugby and soccer has progressively increased over time.

I guess there’s no doubt that soccer and rugby have gained so many supporters and players. These two games bring us enjoyment and excitement, as what I have said earlier. Undeniably, these sports are worth playing! 

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Emmylou H said...

Wow! Talaga? Filipinos play rugby na rin. :) I used to play soccer in college and that was around 10 years ago. Back then, it was heavily promoted because the sport was almost non-existent. Now, I'm so happy with soccer's growth in our country. We aren't quite there yet, but we will for sure!

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